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Company Timeline: Trace the milestones and key events of our journey.

Watch my TEDxDeerParkWomen Talk!

Equipping Graduates to Build Bridges Towards Career Success | Dr. Subrina Oliver | TEDxDeerParkWomen

Dr. Oliver highlights the challenges graduates confront and inspires them to make progress toward their desired careers. Her talk serves as a catalyst for positive change, empowering both graduates and the educational community to work together in shaping a brighter future for aspiring professionals. She emphasizes the importance of equipping graduates with tools, resources, and the right mindset to take those crucial steps forward. 

Dr. Subrina Oliver is a dynamic thought leader, acclaimed speaker, and dedicated educator passionate about bridging the gap between education and career success. With expertise in talent development and workforce readiness, she equips graduates with the tools and mindset to navigate the complexities of the professional world. Challenging conventional notions of post-graduation success, she inspires graduates to be proactive, resilient, and adaptable in pursuing their dream careers. 

With extensive experience across industries, in academia, and a deep understanding of the challenges graduates face, Dr. Oliver is a prominent voice in talent and workforce development. She collaborates with educational institutions, policymakers, and industry leaders to enhance career readiness programs and advocate for aspiring professionals. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


O-HIgh WE Summit

The Herald WE Summit

August 6th, 2024 at the Crescent Beach Club in Bayville

For tickets and details, contact Amy Amato at 516.569.4000x224 or


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LISTnet Holiday Party

LISTnet helps grow the Long Island Technology ecosystem. This is a place where you can build your business and enjoy doing it!

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Foundations 2 Blade

O-High Technologies, LLC (a NYS MWBE Certified enterprise) is registered with NYSERDA as an Off-Shore Wind Supplier, and the CEO, Dr. Subrina D. Oliver, has received the Foundations 2 Blade training provided by SUNY FSC and Community Offshore.

Vision LI Smart Growth Summit

This is an annual gathering of leaders on the community, business and government level who pull together, through all sorts of crises, solving problems, lobbing for funds for Long Island communities, promoting our downtowns, planning, approving and building new investment and redevelopment, creating jobs, and providing services for people in need. I co-paneled the “Creating Opportunities for Young People” discussion in this summit. In an era of “give me it, it’s mine,” the folks who gather at the LI Smart Growth Summit believe in assisting local communities, supporting local businesses, fostering mutual aid and shared benefits in the growth of our neighborhoods. They believe in creating great places that people care about that are safe to walk, have affordable housing, transportation and clean energy options and are planned from the community level on up. We gather each year, not because we want to have a conference of experts, there are lots of those. We don’t do it to raise money, there are lots of easier ways to do that. We gather each year because we need each other to accomplish our goals, improve our communities, and yes, manage through the chaos!

Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce Holiday Party (LIAACC)

Dr. Subrina Oliver summoned the President Phil Andrews to the dance floor! She serves as a member for LIAACC. Please watch our recap below!

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SCCC Kwanzaa Black Business Crawl

Suffolk County Community College’s Entrepreneurial Assistance Center hosted their first Kwanzaa Black Business Crawl, where O-High Technologies, LLC was the last stop for students to meet me the CEO & Founder.

Women in Manufacturing Technology

Host, SUNY FSC & Moderator, Anne D. Shybunko-Moore, President/Owner at GSE Dynamics Inc: Women in Manufacturing Technology 

Suffolk County Workforce Development Board

The last meeting of 2022 for Suffolk County Workforce Development Board whereby, O-High Technologies, LLC serves as the One Stop Operator

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1st Annual “Ladies Night Out” Holiday Party

The 1st Annual ‘Ladies Night Out” Party was hosted by: Paul Tonna, Tami Stark, Amy Newman, Jane Duggan, Tara Bernhardt, Dominique Camacho-Moran, Kerry Foster & Carolyn Mazzenga. The Honorable Paul Jude Tonna serves as managing partner of Praxis Public Relations, Inc.

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Soter Technologies Holiday Party

The Soter Technologies Annual Holiday Party & Five Year Anniversary Party was a great time! Watch our recap below!

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Small Business Ugly Sweater Holiday Social 

This is Long Island Media is brought some of the best and brightest minds together to talk about the current climate of business on Long Island. Their panelists have scaled and built businesses that have withstood the test of time. This event also featured their end of year charity partners from the Equity + Environmental Justice Center. Our charities are: Spin The Yard Foundation, The Institute for Workforce Advancement (IWA) and Central Brooklyn Economic Development Corp.

The Learned Libationist Tour

On Apr 30, 2022 O-High Foundation, Inc. launched our first event, The Learned Libationist tour. We began in Bay Shore with transportation provided by Anton of 357 Limo. Our 1st stop was ASP Wines (Deer Park, NY) with Vish, whose passion is to turn his customers into “educated consumers”. Vish’s expertise showed through while we did 3 tasting sessions of Prosecco, Vodka, and Cognac. During our bus ride to the second location, we had pop quizzes and giveaways. The next stop was Fire Island Vines (Bay Shore, NY), where we met esteemed wine maker, Miguel Martin of McCall Vineyards and FIV owner, Angelo. We tasted four Long Island wines and got an education on how the wine is curated and proper storage for optimal taste. Angelo at Fire Island Vines (FIV) rounded out the tour with delicious charcuterie boards and his extensive knowledge of the wine industry.

Please stay tuned for our next event in 2023!

Habitat for Humanity, Long Island (LI)

The first inaugural holiday party uniting both former Suffolk & Nassau County Affiliates under the new LI Affiliate. Dr. Subrina Oliver, of O-High Technologies, LLC and O-High Foundation, Inc. serves as Executive Board Member, Secretary.

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The Energeia Partnership – Energy Workshop

Hosted by National Grid, a presentation from Pradeep Kileti, PE, of National Grid, on National Grid’s natural gas operations. Then Joe Warren (Class of 2021), National Grid, Northport Power Plant Director, will speak about electric power generation. Following the presentations there will be a tour of the Barrett Power Plant and nearby electric substation. Please watch our recap below!

Women In Automotive International

(October 7, 2022)




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