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O-High Technologies, LLC

We are vested in enhancing understaffed-STEM-industries by effectively improving company-wide workforce talent-pool: access competencies, preparedness, and parity. 

The STEM-industries served by O-High Technologies, LLC are:




Energy & Power




Who We are?

The O-High team specializes in designing innovative career-pathway solutions to leverage the client’s recruitment-net to a wider array of qualified STEM-skilled prospects.   


  • Minority
  • Woman
  • U.S. Veteran


O-High Technologies, LLC

We are Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) experts with competitive solutions to provide for the:

* hi-demand for STEM-employees in the US;

* lack of STEM-proficient American-grown employees;

* inequitable access to education-to-workforce STEM-pathways;

* need to supply STEM industries with a diverse proficiently skilled and prepared STEM-workforce.

       According to the NYS Department of Labor, 

“The acronym “STEM” is widely used in discussions across government, academia, and business, given the recent increased emphasis on innovation and its implications for the economy and labor market.”

Product Development

 To produce groundbreaking technologies to satisfy workforce needs and bridge academic gaps…

  O-High Technologies, LLC  collaborates with “Game-changers” and “Disruptors“. 

Together innovative career-focused resources and products are created for global markets.

The O-High Foundation, Inc.

We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization located in Long Island, New York, committed to improving  STEM education and STEM workforce disparities for the STEM-underrepresented and underserved.  


  • Minority
  • Woman
  • U.S. Veteran

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The O-High Foundation, Inc. is able to reach our targets and exceed our goals, in and beyond our immediate NYS region because of your help.  

We appreciate our…

corporate partners, individual sponsors, and volunteer contributors. 

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