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Technologies, LLC

O-High Technologies, LLC

Our clients are from Industry, Schools, Government, and Non-Governmental Organizations.

As recommended by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to meet our client’s needs, the O-High Team practices the Strong STEM-Capable Workforce approach.

This research-based approach “recognizes that STEM knowledge and skills enable workers to pursue numerous pathways in both STEM and non-STEM careers and allow businesses to meet evolving occupational demands by tapping into a diverse pool of flexible, highly-skilled workers. It must take into account that these workers have distinct career interests and aspirations, require specific educational and training opportunities throughout their careers, and benefit from tailored policies aimed at supporting them. Finally, this approach must acknowledge and address that not all individuals in the United States have access to the numerous career pathways enabled by STEM.”

National Science Board. 2015. Revisiting the STEM Workforce, A Companion to Science and Engineering Indicators 2014, Arlington, VA: National Science Foundation (NSB-2015-10)

Our Capabilities

The O-High Team delivers “Game-changing” and “Disruptivesolutions via

STEM Workforce & Education Programs; 

Technology Services and; 

Talent: Access, Management, and Resources.  


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