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The U.S. will be dependent on foreign workers to fill future STEM jobs, according to an analysis of the third annual U.S. News/Raytheon STEM Index, unveiled today at United States was once considered the most innovative and competitive country in the world. Currently, due to a shortage of STEM-proficient workers, America no longer has that lead to claim. 

Our specialists are aware of America’s demand for STEM skills, the importance of high-tech competencies, flexible workforce training, and the prosperity achieved with a diverse and inclusive workforce. 

MWBE certified, O-High Technologies, LLC delivers workforce solutions to retain, identify, attract, and develop technologically competent and adaptable local STEM-talents. 

We assess attrition contributors to control the controllable while providing innovative workforce solutions and developments to enhance company growth.    

We provide immediate and long-term diversity & inclusion solutions for our clients to access a wider array of qualified STEM-talents. 

The O-High team offers company-targeted in-demand skill-solutions (i.e., soft, low-to-high tech) to improve productivity. 

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